Partner with Youth

Each year, we provide guidance, support, and opportunities to more than 1,000 young people who are facing challenges at home, at school, with the law, and in the community. These challenges threaten the youth's well-being and our community's vitality. Too often the default response to youth behavior is punitive rather than productive. We believe in holding youth accountable while helping them grow.

Our Goal: Youth and their families have the skills and resources needed for healthy lives and relationships and rewarding futures. 

To Rewrite the Rules of Youth Engagement, we:

MEET the needs of youth facing trauma, lack of resources, and discrimination – effectively, compassionately, and individually.

BUILD a community-wide practice of positive engagement, early intervention, safety nets, and second chances.

CONNECT youth to meaningful life opportunities, ensuring our community isn't just "closing gaps," but helping youth achieve their dreams.

OFFER tools for families on youth development needs and supportive strategies, as well as opportunities for families to engage with one another.