Transform Institutional Cultures & Practices

Each year, we partner with organizations and train and coach educators, police, and staff from nonprofits and public agencies on how to create organizations that are truly youth-centric, especially in terms of transforming their practices and environments to be more effective and welcoming for youth of color, LGBTQ youth, immigrant youth, and/or youth who have experienced trauma and/or poverty. 

Our Goal: Nonprofits, schools, and public agencies exclusively use practices that nurture youth.

To Rewrite the Rules of Youth Engagement, we:

EXPAND our workshop offerings and share our tools and expertise to help organizations  become more inclusive, effective, and youth-centric.

SCALE UP our programs to assist school districts, public safety departments, and other agencies in adopting our proven practices system-wide for significantly better youth outcomes.

CULTIVATE community-led training programs, harnessing the wisdom and cultural assets of our diverse community to improve youth engagement.

CONSULT with a wider array of nonprofits and public agencies to transform their cultures, practices, and operations to be more youth-centric.