(Volunteer Board)


Our mission is to improve our community’s collective ability to engage and support all youth by pioneering and sharing proven practices. 



 A community that offers hope and opportunities so all youth succeed and thrive. 



ST. PAUL YOUTH SERVICES employees are expected to demonstrate these values at work and the organization as a whole promotes and demonstrates to them.

·      Act according to our belief that every young person is valuable

·      Amplify youth voice and power to make valuable contributions to our community

·      Promote high expectations with high support

·      Respect families as loving experts

·      Recognize youth work is skilled work 

·      Increase racial equity and inclusion

·      Demonstrate shared vulnerability and shared accountability

·      Make intentional decisions to achieve sustainable impact


Strategic Direction Goals

1.    Partner with youth and families

2.    Train and collaborate with staff from nonprofits and public agencies

3.    Advocate for just and effective policies

4.    Strengthen and grow the organization




1.  Determine and uphold the mission.  Ensure that the organization’s mission remains relevant and that all programs and services support the mission.


2.  Hire, support and assess the Executive Director.  Employ a strong, effective Executive Director.  Provide an annual performance review and effective, on-going feedback.  Support the Executive Director financially, intellectually and strategically.


3.  Ensure an effective strategic planning process.  Ensure the organization has a current, compelling multi-year plan in place and a process for translating the plan to annual work plans.  Update the plan on a regular basis. Contribute a big picture, long-term view to the work of staff.


4.  Ensure adequate resources. Ensure adequate human, financial and physical resources and effective management of those resources.  Ask that all board members contribute financially and at a level that is personally significant to them. The board’s goal is to have 100 percent of the board contributing each year.  Support staff in their efforts to secure the necessary resources to support the organization’s mission.


5.  Monitor and strengthen programs and services.  Regularly review the organization’s programs and services and identify ideas for strengthening them.  Ensure that all board members understand the programs and services and do not interfere with the staff’s management role.  


6.  Enhance the reputation and branding through advocacy and action.  Identify and implement strategies to enhance the organization’s reputation. Open doors and extend the networks of staff.


7.  Ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability.  Ensure that all board members fully understand and comply with a board member’s legal and fiduciary responsibilities as defined in “Role of a Board Member.”


8.  Recruit and orient new board members. Follow a structured process for replenishing the board with strong board members.  Continually search for good candidates.  Systematically nominate, vote on and orient new members. Ensure a diverse board in all respects.


9.  Assess the board’s performance.  Conduct an annual formal assessment of the board’s activities and continually look for ways to improve the board’s performance.


10.  Provide for leadership continuity.  Ensure a fair and planful process to elect board officers and provide leadership continuity among leadership staff.


11.  Offer perspectives and ideas. Assist the Executive Director in identifying and framing the issues and questions that are vital to the organization’s success.


12. Create and monitor policies.Establish and monitor board policies that support effective operation of the board. Ensure that appropriate policies are in place related to the organization’s operations, including a whistle blower policy, investment policy, personnel policies, document destruction policy and other legal, fiduciary and operating policies.

Board Leadership Skills Needed:

 ·      Finance/Accounting

·      Fundraising

·      Governance Expertise

·      Human Resources

·      Information Technology

·      Strategic Thinking


Board Meeting Logistics:

·      Bi-monthly Regular Board Meetings on the 4th Wednesday of the month from 6p – 8p 

·       Wednesdays, 6p – 8p: Feb 27, April 24, June 26, Aug 28, and Oct 23

·      Except in December the board will meet earlier in the month due to the holiday on Dec 11th, 6p – 8p 

Send Board Candidate Cover Letters & Resumes to Dr. Tracine Asberry, Executive Director at or (651) 252-6251