YOUTHPOWER Summer Leadership Institute WAITING LIST


The SUMMER program is NOW full, but please fill out the application below to be considered if additional spots open up or for other paid leadership opportunities with YouthPower in the future. THANK YOU!

Who Can Apply:

Black boys and young men ages 13-23 who currently participate or have previously participated in St. Paul Youth Services programs, workshops, or forums. Your application must include the name of a St. Paul Youth Services staff member who will serve as a personal reference for you. All information you provide to us will be kept confidential.

Name *
If currently enrolled
St. Paul Youth Services Staff Reference *
St. Paul Youth Services Staff Reference
Please provide the name of the St. Paul Youth Services Staff member who will provide a personal reference for you.
Please list 5 skills, strengths, or talents you can contribute.
Please list work, volunteer, or extracurricular activities you've been involved in.
What's a community issue or injustice you think should be addressed. Why? And what should be different?
Please describe a situation in which you demonstrated leadership and what happened as a result.
Can you share a time you set a goal and what you did to achieve it? What's something you'd like to learn, become, or accomplish in the future?
Please describe a positive group activity (in school, at work, or in life). In what ways did the group work well together? What role did you play?
Can you share an important person, experience, or work of art (movie, book, song, etc.) that has affected you and why?
Terms *
By checking this box, I confirm that if selected, I will commit 30 hours per week for 10 weeks to YouthPower, participate in all program activities, and contribute as a full member of the team in order to achieve our shared goals.